About Us

At Five Star Seasonings, we are dedicated to bringing you seasonings that don't require an advanced culinary degree to prepare!  We know that you have a lot of demands on your time, but you still want to prepare excellent meals that your entire family will enjoy.

Our products are ready to use so you don't have to keep a cabinet full of spices that require you to mix and blend everything "just right".  We have matched our recipes to dishes that you can prepare in just a few steps, but will leave your guests thinking you spent hours in the kitchen.  We source and package all our spices in our home state of Texas so you are getting the freshest flavors available.

We have also partnered with top chefs from around Texas to bring you their unique, yet authentic, Southern tastes.  These are their secret recipes that bring customers in to their restaurants every night, that win top honors at rodeos and cookoffs, and that they serve on special occasions to their own friends and families.

At Five Star Seasonings, we are EXPERT MADE EASY!